High quality treadmills rarely require much maintenance during their life span There are however certain things you can do to help prolong the life span of your machine:

  • READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL. It's a simple piece of advice that will make a tremendous difference in understanding your treadmill. All maintenance guidelines relating to your particular brand of treadmill will be outlined in your owners manual. Read and adhere to them for long lasting, trouble free use of your treadmill.
  • The deck and belt are the parts of the treadmill that receive the most action, resulting in a higher need for maintenance. If your belt requires lubricating then follow the instructions outlined in your manual without delay. Lubricating a belt that does not require it be done can also be damaging, so be sure to read your owners manual thoroughly.
  • New tread belts need to be adjusted and aligned as they are likely to stretch as they are 'broken in' and slippage will occur. Be sure to read the owners manual for guidelines on how to tighten up and align a tread belt.
  • Never use household lubricants like WD-40, cooking oil etc. to lubricate your treadmill! They will cause serious damage to your tread belt. Make sure to purchase a petroleum free lubricant specially designed for treadmills. Refer to the owners manual for recommended lubricant brands.
  • Be sure to keep your treadmill out of dusty, dirty areas. A dirty tread belt., will increase the strain on your motor, reducing the life span of your treadmill. Regular cleaning above and below the tread belt., as outlined in your manual, will extend the life span of your machine.
  • To avoid any accidents, keep power cords clear of all moving parts.
  • When cleaning the running deck, make sure it is fully dry before use. Never operate when wet!
  • If you have questions... ASK! Refer to your owners manual or ask the manufacturer if in doubt. Avoid trying to fix things yourself as you could end up causing more harm than good or even end up voiding the warrantee.


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