General Treadmill Safety Advice

  • When purchasing your treadmill, opt for a wider, textured, skid resistant belt to prevent unwanted tumbles. The wider the belt, the safer it is.

  • Look for a treadmill with 0mph start-up speeds and a slow progression to your desired speed. As a safety feature most treadmills are designed with gradual speed increments but it's always good to double check. Never stand on the belt at start-up, stand straddled on the outer platforms - better safe than sorry!

  • If you're worried about young children, clumsy adults or unwanted users, make sure to opt for plenty of built-in safety features on your treadmill.

  • Runners should always opt for a longer running deck to avoid tripping on the front motor housing or slipping off the back end. For best results, stay in the middle of the belt.

  • Be prepared. First-time treadmill users often feel somewhat dizzy when stepping off the running deck. Prepare yourself and hold onto the hand rails while you wait for the feeling to pass.


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